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An Artist’s Critique of Deinonychosaur Paleo Art

How Raptors Lost Their Primaries
by Emily Willoughby  
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P. phagia is a terrible thing, and these poor afflicted deinonychosaurs need support and encouragement rather than ridicule. 

In increasingly rare instances, P. phagia has been known to mutate to several different genera and species, all of which cause horrible physical deficiencies for the affected animals. Known variations of this terrible, terrible parasite include:

  • Primaropteryx wristattachia: this variation somehow detaches the primaries from the phalanges, leaving them dangling from the wrist.
  • Remigopteryx phagia: this variation is known to totally consume the arm feathers of a deinonychosaur.
  • Pronatowrist breakius: This especially dangerous parasite actually deforms the arms by bending the wrists into unnatural positions and was presumably very painful for the animal.

The Deinonychosauria (“fearsome claw lizards”) were a clade of coelurosaurian theropod dinosaurs from the Late Jurassic and Cretaceous periods [167 - 65.5 million years ago]

These omnivores and carnivores are known for their sickle-shaped second toe claws and for displaying numerous bird-like characteristics. By modern classifications, birds are closely related to this group of dinosaurs.

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