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This artist’s impression shows how photons from the early universe are deflected by the gravitational lensing effect of massive cosmic structures as they travel across the universe. Gravitational lensing creates tiny, additional distortions to the mottled pattern of temperature fluctuations in the ancient light (the cosmic microwave background). …  [source]

It’s a long journey for light from the very early universe to arrive at modern telescopes.  This more-than-ancient light traveled billions of years to reach us, and along the way, its path was distorted by the pull of matter, twisting it. This twisted pattern of light, called B-modes, has at last been detected. This discovery was made using the National Science Foundation’s South Pole Telescope, with help from the Herschel space observatory.  [source]

Read more from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory …
Read more from the European Space Agency …

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