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The top image is of an insect that has been caught by a spider and, still alive, partially wrapped for the spider’s future dining pleasure.

Below is a spider, this time not (as above) in the driver’s seat but playing host to the larva of a parasitic wasp, which is dining on the spider.  

IMAGES are from Nikon Small World Competition | 2013

  • Mark Sanders: University Imaging Centers, University of Minnesota, Specimen: Insect wrapped in spider web (85x)
    Technique: Confocal, Autofluorescence, Image Stacking 
  • Geir Drange: Huldreveien, Borgen, Norway
    Specimen: Pityohyphantes phrygianus (sheet weaver spider)
                       with a parasitic wasp larva on the abdomen (5x)
    Technique: Reflected Light, Focus Stacking

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