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THE COMING ZOMBIE-APOCALYPCENE: the revenge of the extinct

The Zombyapocalypcene is the coming geological epoch, the one that will follow the current Anthropocene epoch.. It will be a time in which we anthropos get our just rewards from some of the species we’ve done in.

Artist Alan Kennedy [dv8sheepn on Flickr] has given us portraits of three zombified extinct species, along with their stories.

[1] Thylacine Zombie – was, before its extinction, Thylacine cynocephalus, the Tasmanian Tiger 

It looked like a dog with the back stripes of a tiger. It had a pouch like a wallaby or kangaroo. Its jaws could open up to 120 degrees. The Thylacine was the largest carnivorous marsupial in modern times. Thought to have been attacking sheep, bounties were placed on them … by the time official protection was put into place in 1936 it was too late. Only 59 days later the last known Thylacine died from neglect in a zoo.

But the end was just the beginning for this species…

[2] Un-dead as a Dodo - Raphus cucullatus, when there were still dodos

The Dodo’s extinction is its legacy. But once, on the small island of Mauritius, lived this now iconic extinct creature. It was a large, flightless bird completely unique to the island where it had evolved away from any natural predators. The demise of the Dodo began once humans discovered the island. … The last confirmed sighting in 1662 would have been the last time anyone would see it…

…until the past returned to haunt us.

[3] Passenger Pigeon Zombie - Ectopistes migratorius, in happier days.

Imagine looking up and seeing a flock of birds so large it was 1 mile wide, 300 miles long, and took 14 hours to pass. That flock flew over southern Ontario in 1866 and would be estimated to be made of over 3.5 billion birds. … Its abundance made it ideal as cheap food for the poor and for slaves, so massive-scale commercial hunting brought their numbers crashing down. Along with this, habitat-loss made sure the species would not survive. The last known Passenger Pigeon died in 1914 in a zoo. They went from billions of birds to zero in less than a century.

Only they wouldn’t stay dead for long…

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